At REDANT we understand the needs of those who love their bikes as much as we do. We believe that 2 wheels (motorcycles or bicycles for those who don’t know) should be loved, enjoyed and looked after.

At REDANT Bike Cleaners we didn’t want just another motorcycle or bicycle cleaner we wanted to offer a straightforward simple range of professional strength cleaning and maintenance products for you the rider - a range that actually cleans, shines and protects.

REDANT was originally born from a passion to find a product that would clean and protect today's Adventure Motorcycles. As a result REDANT bike cleaners are dedicated to bringing you the best in motorcycle and bicycle cleaning and maintenance products. The very things we believe help keep the heart of your motorcycle beating. REDANT bike cleaners now offer your motorcycle that professional finish created by you.

Whether you are an Adventure Motorcycle rider like some of us, or any other motorcycle or bicycle rider then this is the bike cleaner range for you. With over 20 years experience in the cleaning product and bike loving market REDANT bike cleaners are the rider's only real choice.

REDANT bike cleaners… for those who love their bikes.